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Sergeant Norman Wesley Hampton
End of Watch: June 3, 1997
Pawley’s Island, South Carolina

We will never forget Sergeant Norman Wesley Hampton.


"I shall consider no sacrifice too great in the performance of my duty," as stated in the Virginia State Police Trooper's Pledge.


Norman Wesley Hampton served as a Virginia State Trooper for more than three decades, and though he had retired in 1991, his dedication to helping others never seemed to wane.  In fact, so strong was his commitment to his fellow man, that to have ignored a cry of distress from someone in peril would have been contradictory to his very nature.


And so it was that on June 3, 1997, Sergeant Norman Wesley Hampton responded to a life-threatening situation in the only manner he had ever known - without hesitation.  As a result, Sergeant Hampton saved the life of an 11 year old boy who had fallen from a raft into the stormy waters along the Pawley's Island, South Carolina coastline.  Tragically, in the process of preserving a life, Sergeant Hampton sacrificed his own becoming the 48th member of the Virginia State Police to pay the ultimate sacrifice while serving and protecting his fellow man.


Rescuers, who had been called to the scene that day to search the ocean for a young boy, returned to shore with the remains of a true Virginia and South Carolina hero.  According to accounts provided by onlookers, after hoisting the young boy back onto the raft, Sergeant Hampton, in the grips of powerful undercurrents, was unable to hang onto the vessel.  Just moments after rescuing the youngster, he disappeared underwater.


Sergeant Hampton's life of service to his fellow man included 33 years with the Virginia State Police and 2 years with the U. S. Army.  Sergeant Hampton served the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Virginia State Police Dispatcher, Trooper and Sergeant from 1956 until his retirement in 1991.  When he retired he was a Duty Sergeant at Virginia State Police Administrative Headquarters.  He also served the Nation in the military as a member of the U. S. Army from 1961 to 1963.


Thank you for your service, dedication and commitment!


Rest In Peace Sergeant Hampton.