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Trooper Teddy Program

October 3, 2021

by Randy D. Beeson, VSPA Secretary


Virginia State Police Association Trooper Teddy Bears do a great deal of good in helping to dry young tears.  Virginia state troopers carry the Trooper Teddy bears, donated by the association, in their patrol cars in case duty calls them to a scene where a child is involved in an accident or has been traumatized in some way.  The trooper gives the child a Trooper Teddy as a gift.
Reaction to this program has been wonderful.  Most rewarding is the comforted look as a child hugs the soft, cuddly Trooper Teddy.  Suddenly tears lighten, and sometimes a smile returns.
The Virginia State Police Association, founded in 1974, has been donating the bears for at least three decades.  More than 2,300 members of the association want to spread the word that the Virginia state troopers care about enforcing the law, but they also care about Virginians.  When it comes to the Commonwealth, they are protecting, serving and comforting young children.
Citizens have the opportunity to support the Trooper Teddy Program by donating to the Virginia State Police Association Emergency Relief Fund which is an IRS 501 c 3 corporation and therefore your contribution may be tax deductible.