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2021 Superintendent's Awards


The nominations received for the 2021 Superintendent's Award Ceremony are a testament to the extraordinary and outstanding acts of bravery and hard work exhibited
by so many dedicated employees, especially during such challenging times. In the near future, each of the award recipients listed below will be sent a letter of invitation
detailing the exact date and time of your award ceremony.

Award of Honor

Sergeant Damien M. Walls (Div. VI, Area 39)
Trooper Allen T. Stuart (Div. IV, Area 24)
Trooper Christopher T. Viars (Div. IV, Area 24)


Award of Merit

Lt. George Crespo (Div. VII, Hqtrs.)
Lt. Neil C. Johnson (Div. VII, Hqtrs.)
F/Sgt. Robert P. Alessi (Div. VII, Area 45)
F/Sgt. John L. Hopp (Div. VII, Area 11)
F/Sgt. Terry S. Luce (Div. VII, Area 9)
Sgt. Joseph C.M. Allen (Div. VII, Hqtrs.)
Sgt. E. A. “Andy” Cochran, Jr. (Div. VII, Area 10)
Sgt. Jerry L. Fielder (Div. VII, Hqtrs.)
Sgt. Allison M. Hoye (Div. VII, Area 11)
Sgt. Anthony S. Johnson (Div. VII, Area 11)
Sgt. Michael S. Middleton (Div. VII, Area 48)
Sgt. Joshua D. Smith (Div. VII, Area 48)
Sgt. Scott H. Stafford (Div. VII, Area 48)
Sgt. Jonathan B. Zarkauskas (Div. VII, Hqtrs.)
SSA Mark D. Austin (BCI-GIS, Salem)
SA Chad E. Birckhead (BCI-GIS, Appomattox)
SA Christopher T. Depoy, II (BCI-GIS, Culpeper)
SA John H. Galbreath, II (BCI-DES, Chesapeake)
SA Justin K. Palmer (BCI-DES, Fairfax)
SA Jay H. Wheat (BCI-GIS, Salem)
SA Joseph A. Williams (BCI-GIS, Culpeper)
SA Charles M. Vancampen (BCI-DES, Fairfax)
Mstr. Tpr. Roy A. Proctor (Safety, Area 67)
Mstr. Tpr. Warren H. Wagner, Jr. (Safety, Area 67)
Mstr. Tpr. James R. Whitaker, Jr. (Safety, Area 67)
Sr. Tpr. Arthur W. Ball, III (Div. VII, Area 9)
Sr. Tpr.-Pilot David C. Barfield (Aviation)
Sr. Tpr. David W. Burkholder (Div. II, Area 14)
Sr. Tpr. Nicholas M. Casey (Div. VII, Area 48)
Sr. Tpr. Michael S. Felton (Safety, Area 67)
Sr. Tpr. Ethan S. Frye (Div. II, Area 5)
Sr. Tpr. Lorenzo A. Goode (Div. VII, Area 9)
Sr. Tpr. Christopher T. Grzelak (Div. VII, Area 9)
Sr. Tpr. Robert G. Hindenlang (Div. VII, Area 48)
Sr. Tpr. Matthew H. Kim (Safety, Area 67)
Sr. Tpr. Michael J. McSellers (Div. VII, Area 10)
Sr. Tpr. Shawn C. Molden (Safety, Area 67)
Sr. Tpr. Wesley M. Paul (Div. VII, Area 9)
Sr. Tpr. William C. Sheehan (Div. VII, Area 48)

Sr. Tpr. Kenneth Terry (Div. VII, Area 11)
Sr. Tpr. Adam S. Waybright (Div. II, Area 13)
Tpr. Kerigan V. Ammerman (Div. VII, Area 48)
Tpr. Carl J. Anderson, II (Div. VII, Area 9)
Tpr. Andrew G. Arredondo (Div. VII, Area 48)
Tpr. Domanic J. Banish (CJIS, Area 92)
Tpr. Dennis R. Bicking, Jr. (Div. VII, Area 45)
Tpr. Ryan J. Bierschenk (Div. VII, Area 48)
Tpr. Stephon J. Brown (Div. VII, Area 45)
Tpr. Brandon H. Call (Div. VII, Area 10)
Tpr. Luis A. Castellon-Rios (Div. VII, Area 9)
Tpr. Sung H. Cho (Div. VII, Area 48)
Tpr. Justin C. Clack (Div. VII, Area 45)
Tpr. Jordan S. Corvin (Div. VII, Area 48)
Tpr. Ridge T. Duncan (Div. VII, Area 11)
Tpr. Jeffrey M. Farah (Div. VII, Area 10)
Tpr. Kathryn M. Freeman (Div. VII, Area 10)
Tpr. Carlos M. Gonzalez (Div. VII, Area 11)
Tpr. Robert M. Guyton, III (Div. VII, Area 11)
Tpr. Nathaniel P. Henderson (Div. VII, Area 11)
Tpr. Toren R. Horvath (Div. VII, Area 10)
Tpr. Sarah L. Jezioro (Div. VII, Area 45)
Tpr. Donovan D. Johnson (Div. VII, Area 48)
Tpr. Collin G. Kashmer (Div. VII, Area 45)
Tpr. David G. Kidd (Div. VII, Area 45)
Tpr. Alexander S. King (Div. VII, Area 9)
Tpr. Joseph H. Lowe (Div. VII, Area 48)
Tpr. Larry N. Luna (Div. VII, Area 48)
Tpr. Eric D. Lynch (Div. VII, Area 45)
Tpr. Gregory M. MacDougall (Div. I, Area 1)
Tpr. Paul A. Mendoza (Div. VII, Area 11)
Tpr. Matthew R. Molesky (Div. VII, Area 45)
Tpr. Frederick T. Ochs (Div. II, Area 13)
Tpr. Timothy J. Patrick (Div. VII, Area 45)
Tpr. Kara E. Pegram (Div. VII, Area 10)
Tpr. Elijah J. Redwine (Div. VII, Area 10)
Tpr. Armando J. Santiago (Div. VII, Area 45)
Tpr. Diego W. Villarroel (Div. VII, Area 9)
Tpr. Thomas L. Wilson, Jr. (Safety, Area 67)


Award of Excellence

F/Sgt. Michael W. Berry (SRT, SPHQ)
F/Sgt. Jonathan E. Smith (Div. II, Area 13)
Sgt. Andrew S. Trombley (Div. III, Area 19)
SA Tonya M. Atwell (BCI-DES, Wytheville)
Sr. Tpr. David H. Cepelnik (Div. VI, Area 41)
Sr. Tpr. Mark D. Collins (Div. VI, Area 49)
Sr. Tpr. Christopher T. Grzelak (Div. VII, Area 9)
Sr. Tpr. Aaron R. Johnson (Div. II, Area 16)
Sr. Tpr. Stephen J. Nicely, Jr. (Div. III, Area 18)
Sr. Tpr. Roman Sachno, III (Div. III, Area 18)

Sr. Tpr. Adam S. Waybright (Div. II, Area 13)
Sr. Tpr. Rory N. Williams (Div. V, Area 36)
Sr. Tpr. Carl R. Willoughby (Div. V, Area 32)
Tpr. Kyle S. DeHart (Div. I, Area 6)
Tpr. Jalante R. Manns (Div. V, Area 34)
Tpr. Kara E. Pegram (Div. VII, Area 10)
Tpr. Juan N. Rivera (Div. I, Area 8)
Tpr. Armando J. Santiago (Div. VII, Area 45)
UCR Manager Keon C. Turner (CJIS-UCR, SPHQ)


Telecommunicator of the Year

Dispatcher Supervisor Michelle L. Armstrong (Div. I, Hqtrs.)

Sr. Trooper Robert A. Hill, Sr. Crime Prevention Award
Sr. Trooper Cory T. Roberts (Div. IV, Area 30)


Please join with me in congratulating the individuals listed above for their outstanding service, dedication, and for a job well done.