Board of Directors

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Executive Board

  • Timothy Confroy
    Timothy "Tim" Confroy

  • Randy Beeson
    Randy Beeson
    1st Vice President

  • Beverly Baker
    Beverly Baker
    2nd Vice President

  • Glenn Smith
    Glenn Smith

  • Ronnie Miller
    Ronnie Miller

  • Roy Kyle
    Roy Kyle

Division Representatives

  • Matthew McCrory
    Matthew McCrory
    SPHQ Division Rep.

  • James Elmore
    James Elmore
    1st Division Rep.

  • Dennis Dodson
    Dennis Dodson
    2nd Division Rep.

  • Sean Simmons
    Sean Simmons
    3rd Division Rep.

  • Charles Carrico
    Charles "Will" Carrico, Jr.
    4th Division Rep.

  • Anthony Dabney
    Anthony "Leroy" Dabney
    5th Division Rep.

  • Richard Garletts
    Richard "Rick" Garletts
    6th Division Rep.

  • Christopher Cooper
    Christopher Cooper
    7th Division Rep.