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Virginia State Police Association

Fall of 2021

Direct Mail Campaign


The men and women of the Virginia State Police Association are most grateful for your support.  Knowing that the Citizens of Virginia have their backs is most important as they perform their duties of protecting and serving you and I throughout Virginia.  Your support to the Virginia State Police Association helps us provide services to our members including:

Legal representation for troopers regarding law enforcement related duties;

Financial college scholarships to deserving children of member troopers who qualify;

Financial college scholarships to member troopers who qualify;

Life insurance for members, their spouses and children;

Legislative representation of our members in the Virginia General Assembly; and

Trooper Teddy Bears to help children, injured in motor vehicle accidents or traumatized by criminal activity, get through difficult and stressful events.  The most recent event we know about involved a triple fatal motor vehicle accident in Northern Virginia.  Two Trooper Teddy Bears were dispatched to be with 2 young children who lost their mother and two siblings as a result of the accident.  The Trooper Teddy Bears were provided by the Virginia State Police Association and after they were given to the children their vacancies were filled by the Virginia State Police Association.  Contributions from our supporters help keep the Trooper Teddy Program ongoing to serve the Children of Virginia.


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