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September 14, 2020

President Trump expresses his gratitude for Law Enforcement at the Latinos for Trump Round Table in Phoenix, Arizona.



On Monday, September 14th, I was privileged to be a panelist at the Latinos for Trump Roundtable event held in Phoenix. I was invited to provide a law enforcement perspective on the panel, which included military veterans, small business owners and community leaders; all providing their perspective on how the Trump administration has benefited them.



During my remarks, I thanked the President for the continued support he and his administration has shown during his first term in office. I also pointed out that most of the panelists, many who are first and second generation American citizens, came to this country for safety and security (a common theme within everyone's testimony). I expressed my concerns that the movement to “defund the police” would certainly erode that safety and security and would have an adverse effect on the economy and economic growth. No one wants to venture out in unsafe communities. Additionally, many agencies, including many of our own, are severely underfunded and struggle not only with recruitment and retention of qualified law enforcement officers and support personnel, but also continue to struggle with the shortage of equipment and the ever-changing technology landscape.


It was my honor to be able to speak directly to the president as your Chairman and express our issues and concerns with him. It was also a great opportunity for the coalition to get well deserved public recognition and media visibility.

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Jimmy Chavez