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Update after the event on July 8, 2023 from Ms. Lauren Scaletta – Aubrey’s Mother:

"Today was absolutely one of the most moving things I have ever experienced. Daniel an I were moved to tears to witness the outpouring of love for our miracle baby, Aubrey. Today’s ride was something I will never forget. God is truly working his power through our child and touching the lives of so many others. She will heal in his name. Thank you to the Exalted Church of Roanoke and the Empty Tomb Motorcycle Ministry for putting on such an amazing event for Aubrey. Also thank you to all the people who came out to show their love and support for our baby girl in her time of need."


070823 Update:  Benefit ride for six-year-old girl in Southwest Virginia raises $30,000

070823 Update:  Hundreds of bikers participate in ride for 6-year-old who lost both feet in tragic accident

Aubrey Update - After 35 days in the Hospital Aubrey is Home!
6/22/23 by Lauren Scaletta

This is the day Daniel, Taylor and I have prayed for. Thirty-five (35) days in the hospital with our sassy little princess warrior. We dropped everything, moved from home, slept apart from our other children and had some major construction at the house in the last month. We have kept it together as best we could, but it has been hard! Aubrey is HOME!! We have many surgeries to come but tonight we will be in our own beds.

God bless all of our friends from the pediatric floor. We love you guys and will see ya around!

June 12, 2023 Update about Aubrey's progress and Thank you to those who have contributed!

Immediately after learning about Aubrey's injuries, the Virginia State Police Association Board of Directors asked Citizen Supporters and Members for Contributions to the VSPA - Emergency Relief Fund Designated to Help VSP Trooper Daniel Scaletta’s Family and daughter, Aubrey, who was severely injured in a terrible accident during the afternoon of May 17, 2023. (Read Informational Bulletin Below.)

The Virginia State Police Association would like to say “Thank You” to each of you who have donated to the Emergency Relief Fund for Aubrey. As of May 31st, the Virginia State Police Emergency Relief Fund has provided the Scaletta family with $33,595 to assist with Aubrey’s recovery.

Aubrey is an amazing little girl who has a long road ahead of her to recovery. Your demonstration of love and support means so very much to the Scaletta Family. It is wonderful people such as you that help ease the burden the Scaletta family faces as Aubrey recovers from this tragic accident.  The Scaletta Family appreciates all that you have done and sends their love and appreciation with photos of Aubrey immediately following surgery on June 9, 2023.



Friday, June 9th, Aubrey had procedure #3, the second surgery on her legs. The doctors say she is healing well. Aubrey did have a little bit of tissue they had to clean up, so there was no skin grafts Friday. The surgeons placed more artificial skin and wound vacs with pretty pink casts to hold everything in place. As of right now, it looks like the next surgery will be on June 20th.


Daniel, Lauren, and Aubrey have started their medical training with her tube feeds, tummy tube maintenance and picc line pumps. Monday the 12th, they will learn all the wound vac system. This has only made Aubrey’s dream of becoming a nurse stronger. She likes doing all the things herself if she can.


Aubrey is in much better spirits now and blows kisses to the nurses and waves at the doctors. She still gets homesick, but everyone has been so kind and really made her feel like a princess.

The doctor’s goal is to release Aubrey from the hospital by the end of June, or early in July. They predict she will be walking with braces and crutches/walker by Christmas.


Aubrey faces many more surgical procedures. Recovery will require ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation. The Virginia State Police Association is continuing to request and to receive contributions for Aubrey and her Family.  The VSPA presents 100% of all monies received designated for Aubrey to the Scaletta Family. Thank you for your continued support of Aubrey's family.  The Virginia State Police Association Board of Directors appreciates your support in our effort to assist in Aubrey's recovery!


Read Information Bulletin

(Click above for information about how you can help.)

Six year old Aubrey was playing with a ratchet strap while riding as a passenger in a pickup truck. One end of the strap went out the window and became wrapped around the drive shaft. As the strap turned around the drive shaft, Aubrey was almost pulled out of the window and the tightening strap severed her feet.


Aubrey’s Mother ask everyone to please pray good thoughts for her sweet baby, Aubrey. She was in a terrible accident and was air lifted to Roanoke Memorial Hospital for emergency surgery to repair her amputated feet. She was in surgery for 6 hours with a large team of surgeons working to repair her injuries. While Aubrey’s injuries may require more surgeries in the future, for now she is recovering in the pediatric ICU. They are keeping her asleep and comfortable through the weekend. Her sister was with her when she was injured so she will need extra love as well. My girls are strong and sassy and will make it through.


The injuries are horrible and painful for all involved. Aubrey, Aubrey’s sister and Aubrey's parents are having a real hard time coping with this painful tragedy. They need our love and they need our help financially. While Aubrey is in the hospital the Scaletta Family will have to stay near the hospital which is over an hour from their home. This is going to be a long process requiring long-term medical treatment and rehabilitation. The costs associated with Aubrey's treatment will be ongoing.


The Virginia State Police Association is asking our Members and the Citizens of Virginia to come together to help the Scaletta Family and Aubrey recover from this terrible accident and shocking injuries. Contributions, designated for Aubrey Scaletta, may be made through the Virginia State Police Association – Emergency Relief Fund (VSPA-ERF) by check written to:



6942 Forest Hill Avenue

Richmond, VA 23225


Write in the Memo Section: "For Aubrey Scaletta"


or online: https://www.vspa.org/donate/erf.html


100% of all contributions received by the VSPA-ERF designated for Aubrey Scaletta will be provided to the Scaletta Family to assist them in providing Aubrey the medical treatment necessary to recover from this terrible accident.


Questions about contributing may be directed to email: vspa@vspa.org or telephone number (804)320-6272.


Thank you for your continued support of the VSPA-ERF's efforts and for helping Trooper Daniel Scaletta’s daughter Aubrey!


(Contributions to this fund help the Association provide emergency relief to members of the Department of State Police and other law enforcement officers and their families who experience a personal crisis and have nowhere else to turn. Helping officers and families when they need it most. We’re asking you to consider becoming a Corporate or Citizen Supporter of the Virginia State Police Association Emergency Relief Fund. The money you give is tax deductible and will go to assist the Association in providing emergency relief to members of the Virginia State Police and other law enforcement officers and their families. The VSPA Emergency Relief Fund is a non-governmental, private non-profit corporation and is an arm of the Virginia State Police Association. Our Association is comprised of active and retired members of the Department of State Police. We are also an IRS 501 c 3 corporation which offers a tax deduction for those who support our efforts.)