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Emergency Assistance Needed

Terrible Accident Paralyzes Trooper Gerald McCoy's son Garrett

(ALL-MEMBER Email with QR Code to assist with online contributions to the VSPA Emergency Relief Fund)


The Virginia State Police Association is Asking VSPA Members and Citizens of Virginia to make Designated Contributions to the VSPA - Emergency Relief Fund to Help VSP Trooper Gerald McCoy’s Family and Son, Garrett, who was severely injured in a terrible accident during the late afternoon hours of September 5, 2023.


Please keep Trooper Gerald McCoy’s son, Garrett, and his family in your prayers. Garrett was seriously injured in a terrible diving accident on Tuesday, September 5. His C5 and C6 vertebra are fractured and he is in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit at UVA Hospital. Tests indicate he is paralyzed from the chest down and likely will not walk again. However, Garrett remains positive and the family has hope that Garrett will recover. The hospital is working on transferring Garrett to the Shepherd Center Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia for specialized spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

Meet Garrett


                                                                                                                                             Garrett McCoy                                           Garrett trying to remain positive for his sister and family.                  


The Virginia State Police Association is asking our Members and the Citizens of Virginia to come together to help the McCoy Family and Garrett recover from this terrible accident and shocking injuries. The Garrett Family will have to be away from work to be with Garrett, travel to and stay in Atlanta for an extended period of time, make changes to their home to make it accessible for Garrett, and provide ongoing medical services for Garrett.


Contributions, designated for Garrett McCoy, may be made through the Virginia State Police Association – Emergency Relief Fund (VSPA-ERF) by check written to:



6942 Forest Hill Avenue
Richmond, VA 23225

Write in the Memo Section: "For Garrett McCoy"


or you may make contributions online: https://www.vspa.org/donate/erf.html - (In the "Recipient Information" please use Garret McCoy - 6942 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond VA 23225. The "Bill to" should be the donor's name and information.)


100% of all contributions received by the VSPA-ERF designated for Garrett McCoy will be provided to the McCoy Family to assist them in providing Garrett the medical treatment necessary to recover from this terrible accident.


Questions about contributing may be directed to email: vspa@vspa.org or telephone number (804)320-6272.


Thank you for your continued support of the VSPA-ERF's efforts and for helping Trooper Gerald McCoy’s son Garrett!


(Contributions to this fund help the Association provide emergency relief to members of the Department of State Police and other law enforcement officers and their families who experience a personal crisis and have nowhere else to turn. Helping officers and families when they need it most. We’re asking you to consider becoming a Corporate or Citizen Supporter of the Virginia State Police Association Emergency Relief Fund. The money you give is tax deductible and will go to assist the Association in providing emergency relief to members of the Virginia State Police and other law enforcement officers and their families. The VSPA Emergency Relief Fund is a non-governmental, private non-profit corporation and is an arm of the Virginia State Police Association. Our Association is comprised of active and retired members of the Department of State Police. We are also an IRS 501 c 3 corporation which offers a tax deduction for those who support our efforts.)


Your love, prayers and contributions to the VSPA-ERF will help the McCoy Family through this tragic accident.