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June 30, 2022.

Today Marks the End of the Journey

By Colonel M. Wayne Huggins

(All Member Email sent 063022)


All Members,


Today marks the end of the journey we began a little over 18 years ago. As this journey ends I reflect back on the many, many fond memories we made working together.  Most important of these is the friendship, support and words of encouragement you have shared with Wanda and I over the years. For these, we will forever be deeply grateful! We pray that God will fill you and your family’s lives with his richest blessings and that he will build a hedge of protection around each of you. 


I sincerely believe Senator Carrico is the absolutely right person to lead the VSPA in the years to come and am confident you will provide him the same level of support and friendship you have provided to me.


You will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless you and God Bless the Virginia State Police Association.