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M. Wayne Huggins

Executive Director of the Virginia State Police Association

Addresses VSP Compensation & Recruitment Issues

with Jeff Katz on News Radio WRVA


Listen to Wayne's Interview


Jeff Katz interviewed Wayne Huggins on live radio on Friday afternoon, February 19, 2021.

This interview followed an article, “Bill seeks to set up fund to boost Virginia State Police pay” published by the Washington Post during the morning of - February 19, 2021.

Listen to the recording of Jeff Katz on News Radio WRVA with Wayne Huggins, former Superintendent of the Virginia State Police and current Executive Director of the Virginia State Police Association, discussing how to fix the Virginia State Police's compensation and recruitment issues.

Recently, the public observed 200 Virginia State Police Troopers rush to the aid of the U. S. Capitol Police soon after protestors stormed the Capitol. This occurred as the Virginia State Police has approximately 300 vacancies. Vacancies that have continually increased as they have become more difficult to fill, especially when most local agencies and other state police agencies throughout the Nation are offering better compensation and at a time when the environment for law enforcement is very negative.

The U. S. Capitol response was just 1 of 155 such deployments for Virginia State Police Tactical Field Force Teams in the last year. The Virginia State Police must remain ready to respond to protect life, limb and property and to serve the people of Virginia and the Nation. The Virginia General Assembly and the Governor must to do their part to properly fund the Virginia State Police to ensure the Virginia State Police has the personnel to respond. They can't keep ignoring what is obvious.

The public can call on their delegates and senator to support the Virginia Senate’s Budget Proposal as it relates to the Virginia State Police. The Senate’s Budget Proposal incorporates the language of Senate Bill 1211 and would establish the Public Safety Trust Fund to address the compensation issues of the Virginia State Police.