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“Remembering & Honoring Our Heroes

Who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice in May”

The Colonel C. W. Woodson Memorial Gallery located in the Virginia State Police Academy is dedicated to those members of the Virginia State Police and their predecessors, the inspectors of the Division of Motor Vehicles, who gave their lives in the preservation of law and order, and who, in so doing, lived and died in the best traditions of law enforcement's duty and service to mankind.  The Woodson Memorial Gallery proudly displays the portraits of two Virginia Troopers who lived their lives by this tradition and by the Trooper's Pledge down to the very letter and who in the month of May gave the Ultimate Sacrifice while protecting and serving the citizens of our State and Country.


Trooper Jackie Monroe Bussard, EOW:  5/5/1970

Special Agent Michael T. Walter, EOW:  5/26/2017


We will always remember and honor them for how they lived and served.

God Bless our Heroes!


"It is not how these officers died that made them heroes, it is how they lived."
National Law Enforcement Officers MemorialWashington, D.C.



Remembering and Honoring
Trooper Jackie Monroe Bussard
Division VII - Prince William County
EOW: 05/05/1970

     The Virginia State Police family Remembers and Honors the service of Trooper Jackie Monroe Bussard, who 51 years ago, gave the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and serving the Citizens of Virginia.  Tragically, on May 5, 1970, Trooper Bussard's patrol car collided with a vehicle making a u-turn in the roadway.  The accident happened on U.S. Route 1, 1-1/2 miles north of Dumfries, in Prince William County.  Trooper Bussard was responding to a call for service when the accident occurred.  Trooper Jackie Monroe Bussard was only 22 years old when he became the 27th Virginia Trooper to die in the line of duty.

     Trooper Jackie Bussard graduated from Valley High School in 1966, where he was an outstanding athlete.  He joined the State Police after graduation from high school and was promoted to Trooper just 5 months prior to this accident.  Following graduation from the Virginia State Police Academy he was assigned to the Manassas Area.

     He was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Bussard of Hot Springs, Virginia.  In addition to his parents, he was survived by two sisters, LaDonna Bussard and Nancy Keyser.

     Trooper Jackie Monroe Bussard, lived and died in the best traditions of law enforcement's duty and service to mankind.  He is our hero and we remember him and honor his service always.

     Remembering you today Trooper Jackie Monroe Bussard.     Your courage and sacrifice are not forgotten.  God bless you.


Special Agent Michael Timothy Walter
Richmond Field Office - Drug Enforcement Section
End of Watch: May 26, 2017

     Today and always, the Virginia State Police Family Remembers and Honors the life and service of Special Agent Michael Walter, who 4 years ago, gave the ultimate sacrifice, while protecting and serving the Citizens of Virginia.  Tragically, on Friday, May 26, 2017, at approximately 7:30 p.m., Special Agent Walter was shot while investigating a suspicious vehicle in the 1900 block of Redd Street in Richmond, Virginia.  He and several Richmond Police Department officers were conducting high visibility patrols in the Mosby Court public housing complex due to a recent trend of shootings and other crime.  The officers approached a vehicle parked facing the wrong direction on Redd Street.  As they spoke to the two occupants of the vehicle, the passenger opened fire on them, striking Special Agent Walter.  Special Agent Michael Walter succumbed to his injuries shortly after 5:00 a.m., Saturday, May 27, 2017, at VCU Medical Center, becoming the 63rd member of the Virginia State Police to die in the line of duty.

     He entered the Virginia State Police Academy in 1998 and graduated as a member of the 98th Basic Session on May 21, 1999.  His first patrol assignment after graduation was in the Virginia State Police Fairfax Division’s Area 48 Office in Springfield.  He then transferred to the Richmond Division’s Area 6 Office in Powhatan in 2005.  A year later he joined the State Police Academy staff as an instructor with the Department’s Canine Unit.  In 2010, he was promoted to the rank of Special Agent assigned to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Richmond Field Office Drug Enforcement Section.

     Special Agent Walter dedicated his life to serving others. He served the Nation as a United States Marine in Operation Desert Storm, he served the Citizens of Virginia as a Trooper and as a Special Agent, and he served his fellow man as a person who cared and worked to make his state, his community and his workplace better and safer for everyone.  He chose to work in the City of Richmond because he believed he could make a positive difference in the lives of the city's residents.  His service continued in his own community of Powhatan County where he volunteered as a coach and mentor working with young people at the Blackhawk Wrestling Club.

     Special Agent Walter's memory lives and his life of service continues to inspire.  The way he lived and served makes him a true Virginia Hero and role model for us all to follow!

     Special Agent Walter had served with the Virginia State Police for 18 years.  He is survived by his wife, Jaime, and their two sons and daughter.

Rest in Peace Mike






Trooper's Pledge



"Humbly recognizing the responsibilities
entrusted to me as a member of the Department of State Police,
an organization dedicated to the preservation of human life and property,
I pledge myself to perform my duties honestly and faithfully
to the best of my ability and without fear, favor or prejudice.

"I shall aid those in danger or distress,
and shall strive always to make my State and Country
a safer place in which to live.
I shall wage unceasing war against crime in all its forms,
and shall consider no sacrifice too great
in the performance of my duty.

I shall obey the laws of the United States of America
and of the Commonwealth of Virginia,
and shall support and defend their constitutions
against all enemies whomsoever, foreign and domestic.
I shall always be loyal to and uphold
the honor of my organization, my State and my Country."