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Virginia State Police Association
News Release
November 6, 2019.
Unanimously Voted to End the Association's Telephone Solicition Program


The Virginia State Police Association has for many years conducted a telephone solicitation program.  This program has generated significant revenues for the VSPA's operating purposes.  However, in recent years the funds generated from this program have decreased significantly.  Telephone solicitations have become increasingly unpopular with the general public and there is actually legislation pending before Congress that would significantly curtail this type of fundraising.  Additionally, the FCC has recently passed rules prohibiting the use of certain types of technologies commonly used by companies who solicit contributions via telephone.


After a thorough review of this program, considering all the pros and cons of continuing with telephone solicitations, the Board of Directors unanimously decided to discontinue the VSPA Telephone Solicitation Program - effective immediately.


The VSPA Telephone Solicitation contract has been terminated.


The VSPA Board is actively pursuing other avenues to replace this revenue. 


Roy L. Kyle, President

Virginia State Police Association