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Operation Clear Track 2020
Rail Safety Week
September 21 - 27, 2020.

VSPA Press Release
PSA: Railroad Crossing Safety PSA - Stop Track Tragedies
Safety Tips

The Virginia State Police Association is proud to join forces with First Responder Agencies across the Nation and Canada to raise the awareness of the importance of safe behavior near tracks and trains.  Each year, more than 2,100 people are seriously injured or killed in incidents involving trains.  Incidents not accidents, because they are preventable.  Virginia ranks 10th in the nation for Amtrak train crashes involving people and vehicles.  Our Virginia State Police Troopers respond to help the injured and to investigate many of these incidents.  Please join our Troopers in reducing the number of incidents and the number of people who are injured and killed.

PSA:  "Know what to do if you are ever Stuck on a Railroad Crossing"