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Keep the Virginia Safety Inspection Program


The Virginia State Police Association and Virginia's Troopers are asking for the public's assistance and support to save the Virginia Safety Inspection Program.  The Virginia Safety Inspection Program has served the Citizens of Virginia well since 1959 - identifying defective equipment and facilitating necessary repairs to keep Virginia's Citizens and Highways Safe.  Now without any discusson or justification, Governor Ralph Northam wants to abolish Virginia's Vehicle Safety Inspection Program and has submitted a proposed budget which if adopted would end vehicle safety inspections in Virginia.  In addition, Senator David Suetterlein has filed SB125 and Delegate Joseph McNamara has filed HB 130 to abolish vehicle safety inspections.


The following link provides you with information about Virginia's Vehicle Safety Inspection Program. 


Support the Virginia Safety Inspection Program


Please consider sending Governor Ralph Northam, Senator David Suetterlein, Delegate Joseph McNamara and your elective representatives (Delegate and Senator) an email message asking them to keep the Virginia Safety Inspection Program.


Governor Ralph Northam


Senator Suetterlein's email address is district19@senate.virginia.gov


Delegate Joseph McNamara’s email is: DelJMcNamara@house.virginia.gov.


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